WWW-St. Thomas Mugs!

What’s all this I’m hearing about new mugs?

Liz and I have been working on making our welcome bags at church more welcoming, and we want to include something that people can actually keep and get many uses out of. We’ve landed on these stylish, customized mugs with our new St. Thomas logo (one that looks a bit less violent than the traditional St. Thomas spears) and our website. That way people can enjoy a cup of coffee while they peruse the latest news on our site.

In order to get others involved in this effort and to fund the mugs for the welcome bags, we’re asking who would be interested in purchasing mugs. We’ve already had multiple vestry members pledge to not only buy mugs, but bring them in to work where they will inevitably be stolen, creating opportunities for out-of-the box evangelism (or at least that’s how we chose to spin it)! Each mug would be $10. For those of you who are not fans of mugs—you’re in luck. We’re accepting donations outright, so you won’t have to find space for a beautifully designed mug!

If you would like to purchase a mug, please email info@saintthomasepiscopal.org or let me know in-person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to never forget the church’s website!




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